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First 6-week summer semester at SAIC

I have spent the last six weeks engaged in a very enjoyable yet rigorous practice of art-making, reading, writing, and collaborating with fabulous peers and faculty at SAIC. I was honored to speak about Cauleen Smith at the last Saturday colloquium of the semester. I completed an installation which I am naming "It's Not About Morphology" after Hortense Spillers, but I am entertaining the name "Metaphase," as the chromosomes are in metaphase when we study them for karyotype analysis. I made small wax sculptures from which I made molds (not reflected in the work here) and investments for small metals. I learned laser engraving techniques and printing techniques. I look forward to possibly working in the foundry next year. I have new ideas for continued art-making back home, like creating a room full of 46 (23 pairs) of chromosomes in different textiles. I will continue to debunk the social construction of skin color/race by creating ceramic tiles in different skin tones (from different types of earth) to be installed on the floor and allowing viewers to crush them underfoot. I can also create ceramic tiles in patters unique to Cuba which can then be crushed underfoot to reflect the deterioration of Havana. Please stay tuned!

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