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Do to the work what the disease does to the body...

Thanks to visiting artist at SAIC, Jennie C. Jones, I got some much-needed clarity about Colonial Kaleidoscopes, the recent ceramics, performance and video trilogy I created in collaboration with Niurca Marquez and Pioneer Winter:

Not only does the work allude to colonization/decolonization as the title suggests, but it is also a metaphor for my own reconstruction after breast cancer. Pioneer Winter destroys my painstakingly-made Havana style tile floor in his dance performance as the colonialist/imperialist, but his performance is like the cancer that turned by life upside down. He bled, I bled. The restorative performances Niurca Marquez and I did were a cleansing, a renewal, a hopeful restoration in a new direction, like my full-time pursuit of art-making and an MFA at SAIC.

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